Horustech Electronics Co., Ltd. is a conglomerate specializing in the agency, manufacturing, modular development, online sales of stock items, logistics, warehousing, and planning of automation solutions. We integrate services across the entire supply chain of the electronics component industry, aiming to become the preferred one-stop integrated service provider for our clients.

horustech milestone
is an official distributor of electronic component brands from all over the world, including:

【EPSON】Crystal, Oscillator, TCXO, Real Time Clock Module, MCU, Speech IC, etc.

【MinebeaMitsumi】Metal Dome Switch Sheets, Tact Switches, Slide Switches, Fakra Connectors, HSD, etc.

【Nidec Components】Switches, Potentiometers, Optics Encoders, Liquid Leak Sensor, Pressure Sensors…

【Shinmei Electric】Miniature Switches, Micro Switches, Electromagnetic Valves, Relays...


【Forward】Potentiometers, Encoders

【PANJIT Semiconductor】Diodes, MOSFET

【CCP Contact Probes】Pogo Pin Connectors

【Everohms】Thick Film Resistors, Thin Film Resistors, Metal Film Resistors

【Firstohm】MELF and Special Resistors

【Galaxy Microelectronics】Diodes, MOSFETs

【Vergiga Semiconductor】Power MOSFETs, IGBTs

【CFE】Pogo Pin, Magnetic Pogo Pin, Customized Pogo Pin Connectors

【Sinofuse】Fuses and Circuit Protection

【Betterfuse】Fuses and Circuit Protection

【CJT Connector】Connectors

【Diotec】Diodes, BJTs, MOSFETs, Protection Devices, Rectifiers, Voltage Regulator ICs

【Feinmetall】Pogo Pin, ICT/FCT Probes, Probe Card, and Various Testing Probes

【More Brands】Connectors, Relays and Contactors, Antennas, MLCC, Saw Devices...

For more information about the other brands and products we distribute, please feel free to contact us.